Occupy South Bay San Diego
This power of the pocketbook has the potential to invigorate the free market by investing more people in its outcome and to crowd-source our cultural norms by reflecting the values of a diverse country. This is something all Americans should embrace.

You know, we could do something like this locally. Just drop a line if you want to put something together.

ALEC: “no more sick days from work”

Ever get any sick days from work? Assuming that you have a job that will pay for them, do you have to wait longer than 90 days on the job to get them? Yes, they are drying up — it’s not uncommon to see people chose to work even when it will do the business no good.

Now, the mega-gazillionaires who fund ALEC want to ban sick days all together. Even those who run fast food restaurant chains like Taco Bell, Pizza Hut and KFC. I say that we tell YUM that staph is not something we want as a pizza topping, a chicken finger dip or an ingredient in refried beans in our community. We should picket at these places:

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